Social Initiatives

Livelihood Engagement for Women Self Help Groups

Odisha is home to large number of Women Self Help Groups that are engaged in Livelihood generation activities. TP Central Odisha identified certain gaps and engaged these women in various livelihood activities after ensuring their capacity building in the domain. So far, the Company has engaged 502 WSHGs wherein more than 800 women are earning approx. Rs. 7,000-8,000 per month.

Vocational Training Centre

TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited has started a Vocational Training Centre where two courses are being imparted - Computer Training for youth and Stitching & Tailoring for adolescent girls and women. Such Centres ensure Employability of youth in rural areas as they are trained in trades that are in demand. Further, on completion of the Course, the beneficiary is provided with a certificate from nationally recognized certifying agency.

Women Literacy Centre

Women Literacy Centre has been instituted with the objective of imparting functional literacy among illiterate women so that they are able to read and write, travel on their own, make their own signatures instead of a thumbprint, operate their bank account and can even help their children in their studies. This initiative is also aimed at bringing about a certain amount of financial independence in women, as they are provided with livelihood opportunities after completion of the course.

Presently, 10 such centres are functional where words, numbers and sentence formation is being taught using a unique speech-based software.

Tutorial Classes for Supporting Education

Due to lack of proper guidance at home, children often tend to lose their focus and concentration in studies, dimming the prospects of their bright future. In order to contain the dropout rate in schools and provide holistic development, tutorial classes have been started for children belonging to poor economic background. These classes are being conducted to provide free supplementary education to children studying in standard IV-VIII. Not only do the children receive guidance in their studies but also they are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as painting, skits, singing and dancing. Classes are provided at our Vocational Training Centres. The objective of the program is to have is to have zero dropout rate amongst the students covered.

Mobile Health Dispensary

To cater to the health needs of the community, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited flagged off two Mobile Health Dispensaries in it areas of operation.

Each Mobile Health Dispensary is equipped with an MBBS Doctor, a Pharmacist and a Nurse who provide free medical consultation and medicines to people in need. These dispensaries visit remote locations that lack basic healthcare infrastructure and provide access to medical facility to people residing in that area.

Apart from this. the team also conducts awareness sessions to sensitize the community on importance and ways to ensure good health as a part of preventive health care. These two Mobile Health Dispensaries cater to a population of approximately 10 lakh people and the targeted beneficiaries are more than 30,000.

Adhikaar program

With an objective to promote social and financial inclusion in our operational area, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited implemented Tata Power's Flagship Program 'Adhikaar'. As the name of the program suggests, 'Adhikaar' aims to bridge the gap between needy and his/her rightful entitlements to harness social & economic growth of beneficiary. Currently 4,500 beneficiaries have been targeted to be served in this financial year.

  • Club Enerji

    With the increasing pressure on natural resources and limited quantum of fossil fuels, 'Electricity saved is Electricity generated' becomes the mantra for sustainable growth.

    To reduce the impact of climate change, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited started a program to sensitize school children on energy conservation techniques. Students from classes VI-XII are made our young heroes to combat the ill-effects of climate change.

    A bilingual energy Conservation Booklet containing energy and resource conservation tips, climate change info, ethics and electrical safety tips is distributed to every member student.

    Currently 23 schools and approximately 2,000 students have been on boarded in this initiative despite the challenges being faced during COVID-19.

  • Volunteering

    Employee Volunteering is a key tool to achieve community-company connect and TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited in its very first year has ensured the same to a great extent.

    Within a span of one year, employees recorded more than 66,000 volunteering hours in more than 60+ activities beating the challenge of COVID-19.

    This endeavour has had a very positive impact on more than 1 lakh lives, which reflects embedment of Tata Group values of compassion and empathy from our employees towards our community.


    In an endeavour to increase green coverage, we at TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited regularly organize mega plantation drives in association with the Forest Department.

    Inspired by Warren Buffet's quote "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago" and continuing the trend of previous years, around 3,000 saplings have been planted in the year 2021-22. These saplings were planted at various schools, RWA's, parks, employee residential areas and various office locations of TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited.

    Blood Donation Camp

    TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited, in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, organizes Blood Donation Camps wherein employees, their family members and our consumers contribute towards saving lives in distress. To date, a total number of 200+ units of blood have been donated to patients in need.