Innovation Journey

TPCODL Innovation Journey

TPCODL has achieved turnaround in business within 1 year of operation through various 'Customer-Centric' and target oriented initiatives. Inculcating safety culture in organisation, customer service initiatives, technological upgradation, etc. have enabled us to create a difference in the Distribution sector in Odisha. To create next level of maturity and inclusive growth, it was deemed necessary to establish innovation driven environment and process driven culture. Hence, in lines with the entity level T&D cluster innovation council, an organisational level Innovation Council was formulated for TPCODL.

The Innovation council comprises of members from various functions/departments where employees collaborate and develop unique products, processes, business models and services across the organization.

The key objective of Innovation council is to 'Innovate to achieve remarkable reduction in AT&C loss' and 'Organisational Transformation through Digital Innovations'.

Based on challenges envisioned by utility business in Odisha, following themes have been decided on which the 'Innovation Council' will deliberate and develop various ideas, strategies and projects:

  • Meter Reading, Billing and Collection (MBC) in Rural areas
  • Reliable Network infrastructure
  • Customer Service centre
  • Cost Optimization
  • Technology Solutions

Key innovation projects of TPCODL Innovation Council are monitored and evaluated by T&D Cluster Innovation Council.

Apart from TPCODL Innovation council, functional innovation council has been formulated for Commercial, Operations and Projects function. The functional innovation council will identify their functional challenges and internally invite ideas around themes such as cost optimization, Safety supremacy, Reliability, Meter Reading, Billing and Collection (MBC) in Rural areas, etc. The progress of the functional council is reviewed by Innovation Council Core Committee members on bi-monthly basis.